Siren: Sexual Confidence and Magnetism


Become the Siren you were meant to be.  The candle of Sexual magnetism and confidence.  Let your inner sexual Goddess shine through with this candle filled with the crystals needed to make you the sexual dynamite you were born to be!

Unakite:  Want to bring your love  making into another level?  Then this is the crystal you were looking for! Helping you reconnect to your heart and release emotional or trauma blockages preventing you from fully enjoying sexual expriences.  This crystal helps you trust yourself resulting in a new ability to trust others. This allows a new ability to be free in your sexual experiences and fully enjoying the moments of intimacy you have. This crystal is known for strengthening marriages and relationships by attracting more intimate moments physically and empotionally.

Carnelian: For amazing sexual energy and attracting warmth, pleasure and connection into our lives. A fiery crystal that awakens your inner sexual desires.  It ignites passionate lovemaking and healthy intimate relationships. This stone is also one that improves physical endurance and fertility which increases your libido and ability to conceive when trying.

Red Jasper: For longer lasting sexual fun.  Brings more passion into your life.  Bringing back a new energy and zest for your life.  This crystal will ignite the erotic energy from with in you makining you irrestiably magnetic to others.  Great for renew sparks and passions into your current relationships or attract exciting new ones.

Forget me not Herbs to attract true love and give lasting impressions to those you sexually connect with.  Also attracts fidelity and truthfulness into your life.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Scented: The symoblic flower of renewals and happiness.  Representing honesty and intergrity to self and from those you connect with.


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