Raise Your Vibration


Blue Lace Agate: Encourages you to speak your truth. A great nuturing and supportive stone that calms anger.  Brings calmness and peace of mind.  An excellent emotional healing stone.  Boost your ability to communicate thoughts and feelings. A stone of encouragement and support.   Stimulates positive emotions and attitude.  Gives you the courage to always speak your turth and remain authentic to yourself.   Is especially useful when speaking in front of large groups or at public events.

Amethsyt activates spiritual awareness, opens intution and enhances psychic abilities.  When placed in your home it will absorb negative energy and create an air of tranquility in the space.  It also blocks Electromagnetic frequencies and “geopathic stress”.  Elevating your space into a higher energy of peace and calmness.

Lepidolite dissipates negativity and is mostly used to attract the things that best serve you for your highest good.  Also useful to help you sleep more restfully in order to restore and heal your body in the ways it seeks.  You can place this crystal under your pillow for a deeper more resotitive rest.

Japanese Cherry Blossom scented and rose herbs


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