Golden Obsidian: A stongly protective stone forming a shield against negativity.  It proves a groudning energy from the base chakar to the ground to bring stability and grounding into your life.  It absorbs conflicting negative energy from your environment and blocks psychic attacks as well as negative spiritual influences.  It also brings clarity and clears confusion.

Tigers eye: Also a highly protective crystal which represents strength and grounding energies in different degrees.  Also believed to have mystical qualities.  Believed that like a tiger, the one who wears or owns this crystal will have the patience to wait for the perfect oppurtunites with great focus and determination.  Wearing this crystal or having it close will give one the courage to fight negative energy whether it be an illness or an outside force.

Amethsyt: A gemstone that assits in meditaion and enhancing meditative qualities.  Directly impacts the crown chakara and aides  in obtaining a deeper and higher level of self understanding and connection.  This crystal is a natrual tranquilizer and helps in relieving stress and balancing mood swings.  It lessens anger, fear, anxiety and seven rage.  Dissolves negativity, activates spiriutal awareness and enhances psychic abilities as well as opens intution.

Sprinkled with Sage herbs which is an amazing herb to dissipate negative energy, improving mood and strengthening intution.  It also helps with cleansing a person or space.

Scented with Rosemary Sage to cleanse and bring claming scents into your home and energetic realm.


Crystal Therapy with Amethyst, Tigers eye and Golden Obsidian

Sage herbed and Rosemary Sage scented.


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