Heart Healer


Kunzite: Relieves panic and fear.  A protective stone that brings a reconnection of heart and mind to create better harmony in your life.  Helps you connect with others in a more harmonious fashion.  Very helpful in healing from painful past experiences in order to fully heal.  Also helps those who have lost their innocence too soon or have lost faith and trust in others, heal and recover in order to live a more fulfilling and connected life.

Rhodonite: Has strong heart-based energy that helps aid with relational challenges. Brings peace to troubled relationships.  A balancing of emotion and calmness attractor when things are chaotic and hectic.  This stone is known for its attributes to emotional healing.  It is particularly useful in healing past issues and problematic relationships. Brings calm, clarity of mind, and confidence to the wearer or owner of this crystal. It is known in Hindu tradition for being associated with the heart chakra in relation to bringing peace, love, compassion, and psychic healing.

Rose Quartz: the universal stone of love, known for its energetic pull of unconditional love in all its forms.  Carries with it the energy of compassion and peace.   Speaks directly to the heart and helps dissolve emotional wounds, fears and resentment.  Circulates the love of the divine throughout the entire aura of those in its presence.  This crystal helps reawaken the heart to its innate ability to love, find personal fulfillment, and allowing one the true capacity to give and accept unconditional love.  From within and from others.

Rose color tin: Representation of love

Rose scented and herbs: the universal symbol of love

Lavender herbs: for calming aromatherapy and peace


Heart Healer Candle

8oz Candle for Heart Healing

Bringing crystal healing to bring life back into your heart.  Whether it be from heartbreak, old trauma, or new hurt, these crystal and scent combinations will bring you positive vibes, calming atmosphere, and energetic healing properties.  Beautifully naturally and creatively.



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