Blue Lace Agate: Promotes peace and serenity.  Helps you to speak your truth.  Instilles internal joy.  It is a nutruing and soothing crystal that brings you calmness and oeace of mind.  Boosts your ability to communicate especially when it comes to your inner thoughts and feelings received from your highter self.  If you are ever feeling lonelhy, deseperate or anxious this stone will bring you the healing energy of peace and tranquility you need.  Helps remove blockages and achieve balance and stability.  Increaing your happiness and attracting love into your life while helping to rid negative thoughts and emotions.

Sunstone:  Stimulates your sacral chakara bringing a flood of light into dark corners of the mind making an attractive healing aid for clearing away negative thoughts.  Brings you out of a grumpy mood with its bright and sunny physical characters .  Known as the best “anti-depressent” crystal in the world of crystals

Citrine:  A joyful stone with bright energy.  Its an uplifting crystal that raises the many aspects of the person who works with it.  It holds great energy of good fortune and great luck.  Working with this stone can cause many great luck and abundance to appear into your life in unexpected ways. Known as the stone of success and prosperity and often referred to the “success stone” said to promote and manifest success in all areas of life, Helpful in clearing unwanted energy fro the environment.  Brings self confidence as well as postivie energy.  It is also used to disspate the fear of being alone or feelings of unworthiness of love.  Citrine is a happy stone.  It can bring happiness to the person who has it near or wears it.  Strawflower Herbs and Gardenia Turberose Scented




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