Kunzite: Helps relieve panic and fear. Helpful in calming nervousness in situations where showing irritation is not appropriate.  It is also believed to heighten the treatment of depression and psychiatric disorders as well as aids in healing the physical body from emotional stress.  It helps connect your heart and mind in order to create more harmoniy in your life.  With this union everything else will just flow in your life.   If you are having trouble feeling connected to others this is a great stone to work with.

Lepidolite:  Brings emotional healing and reduces stress and depression.  It is believed to disspate negativity and insists attracting what is for your highest good into your life.  A great crystal for transitions.  It is also known to be used for inner peace and harmony.  Used as a source of lithium as a remedy for jangled jitters, chaotic emotions, high mood swings and even symptoms of bipolar.  Known for centuries as the stone of Peace.

Charoite:  The energy of this crystal will reach out to you.  It helps bring out your gifts to the world so that everyone can benefit from all you have to offer.  Also a very powerful psychic protective stone to prevent others from psychically attacking you.  Known as the stone of transformation for the better.  It helops deliver emotional healing from feelings of loneliness, and/or alienation from life.  Eases fears of ill health, chronic pain or even dying.  Know as the crystal that changes physical, mental or spiritual disease into good health and peace.

Jasmine Lavender Herbs

White Sage and Lavender scent


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