Crystal Bracelet


Aura Amethyst is a combo of peace and uplifting energy of amethsyt and the lifting rainbow beauty and shimmer of aura angel.  Connect with this crystal to escape stress and worry and become envelopoed with blissful peace and relaxing energy.  Connects you with your angelic guides and attracts psotivie energy all while ridding you of any negative energy around you.  Encourages and guides you through a soiritual awakening and transformation for the better.  Calms, balacnes as well as clears your aura ensuring it is cleansed and strong.

Angel Aura: a high vibration energetic crystal that creates a protective bubble around your personal aura.  With soothing enegry and beauty which brings you serenity and inner peace.  Aides and attracts mental clarity and calmness. Angel aura has healing energy and effects that envelops all parts of out being.  Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing can all be obtained from this crystal.

Blue Gray Moonstone with Aura: The aura adds a little divinity amplification to every stone.  Gray moonstone is a gemstone with the goddess power and the energetic pull of love and healing condensed into it.  Gray moonstone is popualr as a beautiful healing crystal.  It is best known for its properties in aiding fatigue and/or hurt feelings.

Labradorite:  Known for its changing of colors so it is not a surprise that this crystal is best known for its transformational properties.  Enhancing inner strenght of will power as well as an increase in feelings of self worth.

Prehnite: Alleviate nightmares, phobia and deep fears.  It uncovers and heals the diseases that creates them.  It is a perfect crystal for dreaming and remembering.  Also very beneficial for hyperactive children and finding the underlying causes of the hyper activity.

Blue Lava Beads: For aromatherpay just add essential oils drops tp it and it will smell for 3 to 5 days.  Blue is also the color of healing symbolizing serenity, stability, inspiration, wisdom and health.





Carefully selected crystals to align with your purpose, need and desire.  a unique piece of intentional.  A visual, physical representation, a concret visual vision board that will keep you on a raised energetic vibration.


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