Feeling insecure, lost, or unsure of yourself.  Want to shine brighter and increase your inner strength and confidence?  This is the candle for you! Everything you need to love yourself again.  Reconnect with your inner goddess and shine brighter than ever!

Tigers Eye: A strong energetic crystal to instill inner confidence, self-respect and increase your self-esteem.  Helps you create healthy boundaries and manifest the abundance you deserve.  Gives you courage and the strength to believe in yourself again! This crystal is also known for bringing good luck and protection to those who own it.  It helps focus your mind and brings you the mental clarity needed to resolve any obstacles or challenges you face objectively and unclouded by uncertainty or unsure emotions.   A great stone for dispelling fear and ease anxiety.  It will also keep those haters away and protect you from ill wishes, cruses or any negative energy sent your way when you keep this stone near you.

Citrine: Known to increase self-confidence, stimulate creativity, and raising your enthusiasm for life as well as attracting joy to its owner.  A great crystal to help make important decisions and ensuring the elect things that are best suited for you.  Helps relieve depression, stress, and anxiety.  This stone is a great choice for attracting more joy, love, and happy situations into your life.  Universally known as the stone of success and abundance.  This crystal promotes motivation and encourages self-expression so you can live life authentically yourself. Be unapologetically YOU!

Sunstone: The best crystal for instilling confidence and helping you express the sunny side of your personality.  This crystal helps you shine where you need to and also aids in uncovering your inner hidden talents.  Heightens your intuition and allows the real you to shine through happily.  Encourages independence and originality raising your resilience and ability to have your own back!

Orange slices herbs: Known to be used in energy work to attract love, good luck, money, and many blessings into your life.

Scent Sea salt and orchids smell divine and raise the energy in your home!



Confidence Crystal candles

These crystals will raise your confidence, self esteem increase your inner worth and self love. Giving you the strength to truly be yourself no matter what!


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