Abundance Magnet Candle


Abundance Crystal Infused candle to amplify your intentions and help you become a magnet for success. Handpoured, soy candle. Encased In a golden(color of wealth) metal reusable tin.
Crystals used:
The most well know Crystal for attracting good luck, prosperity and abundance!
Green Aventurine:
Known to increase wealth and success.  Helping to increase confidence and inner power.
Use citrine to manifest your hearts desires and abundance! Help promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression expression to manifest luck doing what’s aligned to your happiness.
Each of these crystals magnify each other’s energy to increase their powers and bring your dreams to life!
Sprinkled with Jasmine 
With the healing power of attracting Happiness, love, Money and Prophetic Dreams!
Vanilla Scented:
Vanilla is associated with Venus and Water. Commonly used to calm, soothe you. Also used for personal empowerment and increasing positive luck.



Abundance Candle

8oz hand poured Soy candle

Color Therapy Element implemented:

Gold colored tin:

The color of wealth, success, and status

The color of achievement and triumph. Associated with abundance and prosperity,  prestige and sophistication, value and elegance, the psychology of this color implies affluence and material wealth.


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