Sweet Dreams


8 oz Hand Poured Candle for better sleep

Howlite: known to aide inomnia especially when it is due to an overactive mind.  Great in reducing anxiety, stress and tension.  Facilitates awareness, emotional expression and assists in the elimnation of pain, rage or stress.  It helps bring tranquil energies into your space.  Slowly an overactive mind and helps achieve a deeper more restful sleep.  It also helps to access and retrieve wisdom while sleeping.  It is also useful in recalling helpful dreams from your higher intution.

Dream Amethyst helps calm and sitmulates your mind to remian calm and focused.  It is helpful in rememberuing and understanding dreams as well as aids in relieving insomnia.    Enhancing spiritual healing and connect to your higher self through dream recall.

Moonstone: Helps to clam youre responses to stress and avoid over reaction as well as over thinking. A stone with protective elements and especially helpful in attracting peace and serenity to the owner of it.  Useful in lessening emotional stress.  A stone mostly asscoiated with “new beginnings” but also very helpful in assiting in inner growth, success in love and business matters.  Associated with the moon itself, what better crystal to guide you into a peaceful slumber? Beatuiful and calmning.  You will love it.

Blue tin for the color of peace, relaxation and healing.  Signals time for relaxation to your brian through its color psychology.

Scented with Chamomile oil which is said to act as a mild, natrual tranquilzing oil and sleep inducer.  Used to calm nerves, ease headaches and aid in relaxation for many centuries.

Jasmine herbs: Known to create an aphrodisiac enhancing positive mood and energy.


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