DejaMarah Holistic Healing

Let me help you regain control over your life, heal old trauma, learn to love and trust yourself again.  Reconnect with your intuition and live the life we both know you truly deserve.   Naturally and Holistically.   You and I know you deserve an amazing life of healing, peace and happiness.  Let’s get you there!







Our Story

How we grew

   The original plan was a journey of self discovery and healing.  What transmuted from there was the addition of crystal healing, fengshui and more.  Everything functions on energy whether we understand it or not.  Why not raise your vibration, beautifully and intentionally.  Harmoniously blending the energy that surrounds you.  Creating the life of positivity and peace you have always longed for.  Easily, Naturally and Holistically. 

In the Spotlight

This Month Intention Focused

Gift Box

Using the power of crystals in the form of Jewlery, Candles and our famous Palo Santo smudging spray.  All in a gift box ready to be gifted.


What We Offer

Crystal Bracelet

Carefully selected crystals to align with your purpose, need and desire.  a unique piece of intentional.  A visual, physical representation, a concret visual vision board that will keep you on a raised energetic vibration,

Crystal Infused Candles

Candles filled with intention and energy cleansing.  Specifically selected crystals, smells, and herbs that will raise the energy in any space, cosmetically and aromatically.  Incorporating Essential oils and aromatherapy.  Make your space work for you and create the energy you deserve for peace and haromony.

Palo Santo Energy Cleansing Spray

Crystal infused Energy cleansing Spray.  Utilizing particulart crystals, organic non-toxic herbs to create a powerful elixir that cleasnes everythig it touches.  Smokeless and a effective alternative to burning sage.


What People are Saying

Erica, New York

Absolutely life changing

I couldn’t be any more thankful for the opportunity to go through this life changing journey with Deja. She has taught me and given me tools and strategies to gain back control of my life where I needed it the most.


Laura, Italy

Best Coach Ever

Great programs, great tools, continually following up and checking on progress. This journey is really amazing and is helping me achieve my goals fast.


Anakah, Texas

Best Decision Ever

Deja has really changed my life a lot. I have learned so many tools to help me when times are really low. This journey has even taught me, self-love. I would definitely recommend her.

Lily, Florida

Wonderfully Surprised

I absolutely love my crystal healing journey. The bracelet is so amazing I can definitely see my creative side flourishing. The candles help me so much to create ambiance when I am in my work space and help me so much cleans my surrounding. I am obsessed with this journey and how informative and helpful Deja is. She has been a blessing in this journey

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