DejaMarah Holistic Healing

Regain control over your life, heal old trauma, learn to love and trust yourself again.  Reconnect with your intuition and live the life we both know you truly deserve.   Naturally and Holistically.   We both know you deserve an amazing life of healing, peace and happiness.  Let’s get you the life we both know you were meant to have!


How we grew

What started as a journey of self discovery and healing, transmuted to a practice that encompassed the healing properties of crystal healing, fengshui and much, much more!  Everything functions on energy whether we understand it or not.  Why not raise your vibration, beautifully and intentionally.  Harmoniously blending the energy that surrounds you.  Creating the life of positivity and peace you have always longed for.  Easily, Naturally and Holistically.


Intention Crystal Therapy boxes

The intentional power of crystals in the form of Jewlery, Candles and our famous Palo Santo smudging spray.  All  harmoniously grouped together to put you in the energetic vibration you seek. 

Gift boxed and ready to be gifted or beautifully packaged just for you.

Includes 6-10 intuitively chosen pieces carefully selected to attract the energy intention of the month.  From Crystals to candles, home decor and jewlery.  Coaching journeys, aritcles, crystals and more! Everything you need to heal, thrive, learn and grow. Straight to your home.  No contracts. No commitments, one low price cancel anytime!

Everything for just $39.95 + shipping.

Not much to lose, yet the world to gain!