Deja: Holistic Life Mastery Coach


     Wife & Mother of three amazing children.  A teen with autism, a preteen, and a toddler.  

Multiple Sclerosis warrior, Dx. 2005. Dealing with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, and several other medical challenges.  Survived sexual, mental, physical, and verbal abuse.  Abandonment, group homes, 

homelessness, rape, domestic violence, and violent relationships.  I have seen, endured many difficult situations.  I do not share this to elicit pity, but to share my level of expertise.  There is no better school than the school of life!

      For the last 22 years, I have endured various difficult experiences as well as gained professional training in overcoming all kinds of obstacles in life.  My experiences/professional training have made me an expert on resilient as well as creative problem solving.  I learned and have been teaching others to heal and thrive despite whatever challenges life presents. I have mastered the art of making the impossible possible, dead dreams come to life and the broken, healed.

      Retiring from the Air Force taught me discipline, organization and gave me a strong mindset.

Trauma taught me resilience, healing and the ability to love myself when the world did not show me love. Being a mom of a special needs child taught me patience, unconditional love and how to adapt &

 teach uniquely to each client.  Being married has taught me how to compromise, communicate effectively and positively. 

     Medical challenges given me a new sense of gratitude, the ability to change my perception of difficult situations into positive, and how to enjoy every moment of life.  Lastly certifications, training and educational studies has filled the gaps professionally required to become the guru holistic Life Coach I have been blessed and humbled to become today.  Let me have the honor of guiding you towards the

amazing life, we both know you truly deserve!

I Work With Individuals, Couples, Families, & Groups

Online Self Paced Journey

A 6 week do it yourself journey of self mastery you can do at your own pace. On YOUR time table.  Ideal for those who want to do the work but can not commit to a schedule

Holistic Life Mastery Group Journey

12 week Journey done with your carefully selected tribe.  A built support system to obtain the life of your dreams! 

Holistic Life Mastery VIP

For the serious!  Those who are ULTIMATELY committed to making the changes required to FINALLY obtain the life of YOUR dreams.  No. more. excuses!

12 weeks one on one coaching sessions with 12x 30min calls, and a customized plan made specifically for you so that you can make YOUR dream life a reality!

Erica- NYC

  • Erica from  NYC United states | September 03, 2020
    5 Star

    Deja is Absolutely life-changing

    I couldn’t be any more thankful for the opportunity to go through this life-changing journey with Deja.

    She has taught me and given me tools and strategies to gain back control of my life where I needed it the most.

Laura- Turin Italy

  • Laura from Turin Italy| July 21, 2020
    5 Star

    Deja is the Best Coach Ever

    Great programs, great tools, constantly following up, and checking on progress. This journey is really amazing and is helping me achieve my goals fast!

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